Date Listed: 5 December 2022

Department: Warehouse [Trade Sales]

Reporting To: Inwards Goods & Delivery Supervisor

Purpose Statement

Provide [as part of the warehouse team];
  1. An effective and efficient inward goods service to PPW.
  2. A safe, secure, clean and tidy warehouse for PPW.
  3. An effective and efficient delivery service for PPW and its customers.

Key Accountabilities

1. Inwards Goods: Receipt inward goods to PPW in a timely basis, with total accuracy and zero damage into the storage location by:
1.1. Inspection: Accurately check all product for damage as they are delivered into the business with particular focus on front-of-wall products, using PPW best practice procedures. Minimum performance standard is 100% inspection.
1.2. Stock Receipt: Ensure all stock is receipted into the PPW system in a timely and proficient manner with correct SKU identification and storage location provided first time, every time.
1.3. Stock Location: Ensure stock is located in warehouse where it should be and with zero damage each and every time.
1.4. Documentation: Ensure all necessary supplier documentation is processed on time and without error. This will be in partnership with the Administration Assistant.

2. Warehouse: Maintain the warehouse in a safe, secure, clean and tidy state at all times by:
2.1. Ensuring all stock is where it should be at all times.
2.2. Maintaining clear walkways and tidy shelving, in partnership with trade counter staff.
2.3. Ensuring all H&S manual requirements are met at all times.

3. Customer Deliveries: Provide a high standard delivery service for PPW that is timely, accurate & damage free by:
3.1. Loading onto delivery vehicle and securing all product appropriately and safely using PPW best practice procedures and meeting all H&S manual requirements.
3.2. Ensure safe lifting practices used at all times on load/unload using PPW best practice and meeting all PPW H&S Manual requirements.
3.3. Check all product on site with customer during handover to confirm no damage to delivery and gain customer sign off.
3.4. Utilising and completing the correct delivery paperwork process for each division (Trade, Showroom, Group Housing).
3.5. Drive and use PPW delivery vehicles according to PPW motor vehicle policy.

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